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Actions Speak
Then words.

Saving the world is sexy, and you know it!!!

We redesigned charity for redistributing world’s wealth

By 2030 we will have sold one billion bracelets, building together our HUGE social investment fund with US$500 millions available to change 350 million people’s lives*. For each bracelet sold, we (you and us) invest the 50% of the profit to improve lives in 194 countries. Tell me how!

We are a business focused on social development.

Choose a color and take a look to our fuel and fall in love with us like we are with you!

Imagine a world where people are always first.

Bby: Human rights shouldn’t be a privilege. Let’s build people’s gang_

You know what?

We want you wealthy!


As yourself, we were not happy with the system, that's why we are creating a new one where rewards coexists with fair job.


We need to make the right urban diet. In order to create a true balance between sustainability / Infrastructure / society.


Our animals are part of our existence. What a beautiful world will be the day when we really learn to take care of them.

If so, we need to focus on this:


Honey, if we get proper mental and physical health, a supportive environment and good soft skills , so we can do it!.


If we don't have the lands, we can't enjoy the recipes of our moms. So better to find an equilibrium for dignity and food safety..


We were born to die. Honestly, our main obsession is to build a world with such a mindset that doesn't need us anymore.

Repeat with us: 

¡Mi casa 

es tu casa!

With no doubts we take care of our house:


Make our humanity great again. Let’s guarantee access in same conditions for everyone to everything!


Someone needs to take serious actions on refugees and homelessness, but we must be creative and think faster. 


This sexy planet is inhabited by the most beautiful and diverse species and soon we will have to live with robots.