Unleash your own power

ONE BILLION of ordinary people, doing daily extraordinary actions. We believe in the power of unity. A red bracelet connects those destined to change the world. Are you in?


To make our dreams come true...

The answer is CIRCOLO 

...We are believers in the powerful impact of kind actions.

Believers. That what we sell allows us to give, our essence help us to build justice and what we use make us responsible.

Powerful. Price for massive access, the customer has the power to act. Reducing, reusing, recycling, saving the world.

Kind. Because we care about our people, together we can change the world, using massive strategies to make it happen.

So dear, we are deeply crazy about positive impact. 


Changing the world is the new sexy and we just wanted to make sure it’s even sexier by founding a social business, it means that we make money, so, we can invest the 50% of our profit and change 350 million lives, including yours. It’s time for the most to the more. Can you feel me?


We believe in YOU. Come on, Join the dark side!

We are crazy enough to create a journey for delivering bracelets to superheroes in 194 countries

This started travelling the world 

Wanna meet them? Just press  take me to church, sit down, relax and be inspired by the sexiest people on earth